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Well, if you didn’t figure it out already, my name is John Luetke. I’m a Northern California native who did a stint in Wisconsin and now lives in Seattle. I’m a software developer most interested in the programming branch of the Computer Science (Software Engineering), which takes the theories and research of the traditional Computer Scientists and applies them to real-world computational and (mostly) business problems. I tend to think of myself as a code monkey, however Urban Dictionary’s definition isn’t very flattering. I throughly enjoy writing code, but I also enjoy the architecture, design and lifecycle of software.

I received my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Marquette University [where?] (the stint in WI) in 2010. I was then offered a job in the most technologically ept (and green) city in the US. I’ve been living here ever since, and have been enjoying every day of it.

I break the stereotype of the typical computer nerd. I’m anything but your scrawny, red-glasses wearing nerd that sits in front of there computer day and night (Okay, I wear glasses, but at least they aren’t thick-framed and red). But once a sit down and start a project, I tend to finish it then and there. Two exceptions to this are when I’ve been working at a program for a long time, and need a break just to get my conscious mind off of it (cue the a-ha moment), or when I have a previous commitment. Yep! I’m a nerd with a social life!

My job in Seattle is with Liberty Mutual; I develop and support claims software under the Safeco brand. My dealing’s are mostly with the .NET framework and the languages that it supports (primarily C#), but sometimes get to dabble in my Java roots or go out on a limb reading (not writing) COBOL.

At Marquette, I worked for Student Media as the Interactive Director–student worker in charge of the websites of every outlet of Student Media. I like to think of Web programming as my niche. I’m a self-proclaimed PHP guru-in-the-making (you never can know everything). It’s easily the computer language that I am most proficient in.

My second job at Marquette was with the Office of Residence Life as a Resident Assistant. That link pretty much hits the nail on the head with a definition of the day-to-day happenings, but it was an extremely rewarding experience. I was also responsible for developing a community between the ~33 freshmen from every corner of the country (mostly Chicagoland) that I lived among.